Meet Darth Vadar and The Dark Side

Started by Disney Dad 63, September 18, 2017, 08:27:38 PM

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Disney Dad 63

Hi Again,

This is a must for Star Wars Fans, When you finally get to meet Darth Vadar face to face  it`s quite scary very intimidating he doesn`t speak but looks at you and starts walking around you studying you for your weakness, the character is brilliant it`s like being in a Star Wars movie you feel uneasy but I guess that`s all part n parcel of it so it makes the visit all so daring.

I`m just so pleased Darth Vadar`s Master wasn`t there I`d of fled if he had been, but please if you go to Disney for your holidays you really have got to try this.

May The Force Be With You All
Disney Dad 63 :-)


We met Darth Vader in August at the Starport and he spoke, I think it was pre-recorded phrases but he gave a good selection of them. 

You're not the first to say he doesn't speak... not sure why there is such inconsistency.

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We were in DLP beginning of the month and went to see Darth Vader.

BEST meet and greet to date because it felt the most real!!

He had some pre-recorded phrases and picked on me, accusing me of being with the rebels! He was so intimidating I didn't know where to look or what to say. I ended up bursting into a fit of nervous laughter! My other half had planned on walking in and giving him a hug to see what would happen but after getting in there even he froze up in the presence of Darth Vader.

When we were queuing we wondered why the cast members turned away parents with very young children but after meeting him I understand why. It was so intimidating but that's exactly how it should be. He was fantastic!!


DV is terrifying!

scared the hell out of a baby infront of me...

I met him May 4th this year and I thought that i was so slick as I said 'MAY THE FORTH BE WITH YOU!'


The athmosphere when you wait around the corner is quite thrilling, and then DV steps around the corner, points at someone and says something like "you! come.". Gave me goosebumps and we got some amazing pictures
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It's a lot of fun.

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