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Trip Report, 08/09-10/09

Author Topic: Trip Report, 08/09-10/09  (Read 2392 times)


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Trip Report, 08/09-10/09
« on: September 18, 2017, 01:27:06 PM »
We visited DLP for the Dapper Day fall event. Myself and my partner and another 2 friends.

Day 1 - We arrived at roughly 2.30pm on the Friday and checked in at HNY very quickly and were allowed straight to our room even though we were half an hour early.
Room was lovely, we have only stayed at Cheyenne or Santa Fe on past trips so this room was a lot more spacious with better storage.
Headed straight to the parks and queues were very short, managed to get on quite a few rides before dinner.
Ate at Captain Jack's at 7pm, we had visited this restaurant before as the Blue Lagoon and the food was much nicer this time, we prefer the new menu.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals and the waitress was very nice and friendly.
Walked back to watch the new illuminations and to be honest I preferred the Dreams better, (probably a bit biased as Peter Pan is my favourite) I feel there was more of a story to dreams rather than just clips.

Day 2 - We set off for EMH and arrived in the park just after 8. Unfortunately most of the rides that are usually open during EMH were broken down. The only ones running were carousel, dumbo, Peter Pan and orbitron.
We had a ride on Dumbo, the queue for Peter Pan was still as busy as during normal park hours, I'm assuming this was due to other things being closed, so decided we would come back the next day.
Headed to Discoveryland for our breakfast as Bella Notte was not open. The queues were massive at Hyperion for breakfast and painfully slow. Think it took us around 45 mins to get our food in the end.
Finished breakfast, picked up some fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain and went back to the hotel to get ready for Dapper Day.
Once all dressed up we went back and went on BTM which was exciting as it had been closed on our trips the previous year.
Grabbed some snacks from last chance cafe which were good although seating area was quite busy.
Attended the Dapper Day meet up at Mesa Riverboat which I absolutely loved, was so nice seeing everyone's outfits.
Headed to the Studios went on a few rides before our 5pm reservation at Bistrot Chez Remy.
Arrived at the restaurant and realised I had dropped my meal vouchers out of my handbag, went to services and they called the lost property and someone had found them (whoever you are I'm so thankful)
Dinner was great, had the same as last year and was just as good.
Stayed around the parks until 9ish then headed to villiage, had cocktails in the sports bar which were really tasty and headed back to bed.

Day 3 - woke up late so after getting ready and storing our cases at the train station we only made it to the park around 9am, went on Buzz, carousel, snow white and pinocchio.
Grabbed a fast pass for Peter Pan and went for breakfast while we waited for it.
Queues at hyperion were much shorter, only took about 20 mins, waited a bit longer as they got the order wrong the first time.
After Peter Pan headed to studios for a few more rides and watched the Galaxy far far away show.
I always feel the lunch options in the studios needs to improve, so back to main park had lunch at Fuente del Oro (were originally heading for Hakuna Matata but the menu seems to have changed)
I had the loaded fries with salad and they were so so nice!
Grabbed a pineapple whip after as I must have one on every trip.
One last go on Hyperspace mountain, grabbed some gifts on the way out and went to catch our eurostar home.

All in all we had a great weekend, shame about the EMH on the Saturday and the Hyperion breakfast queues.

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Re: Trip Report, 08/09-10/09
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2017, 11:33:21 AM »
Love your Dapper Day outfit! I only learned about Dapper Day recently, and it is now a new goal of mine to go and take part
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