Photo Pass and Meet and Greets

Started by Ehg_92, September 09, 2017, 11:38:41 PM

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Is it worth buying the photo Pass for my wife and I for a week.
I do the big rides but she doesn't, but we want to do as many meet and greets including the random ones.
Do they all have a Photopass photographer or just by he scheduled ones
Is it a waste of my money if we could just take a camera for a cast member to use on it behalf?


On a 5 day trip last week we got 91 photos through meet & greets, ride photos & photographers in different areas. I think it was the different photographers that really made it this time for us, they had us posing & had family pics & seperate ones of just me & hubby then the kids. Cast members are fab tho & do take alot on your phones to
Santa fe may 15
Cheyenne sept 16
Sequoia sept 17


But I don't want to spend our week looking for a photographer, so are they just at all character meets and greets or just the scheduled ones?


No. When I went in May, there wasnt a photopass photographer in the morning for Goofy, Donald, Chip and Dale in Main Street.
Maybe it depends if there is enough photographers that day?
Minnie Mouse meet on the left in Town Square by the boarding house always has a photo pass photographer.
The meets in adventureland and Fantasyland dont have photographers either.


I wouldn't bother. We were there at the end of August and not many of the character meets have photographers, scheduled or not. We hadn't bought the pass and the cast members were happy to use my camera. We got some great photographs.

I've done one trip with the photopass and then one without and I agree with you the photopass just added a lot of stress and queuing for ride photos which don't really interest me anyway.