Meet 'n' greet with belle

Started by Woody2707, August 21, 2017, 08:58:28 AM

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Hi all,

We are going back to DLP in less than 7 days and was wondering if Belle has still replaced Moana for the meet 'n' greet in the Walt Disney studios??


It's currently moana on meet & greet in the studios. Belle has been out & about in her blue dress with Gaston but no set times/places for this
Santa fe may 15
Cheyenne sept 16
Sequoia sept 17


 ::)that was pretty sad i hope she has too again anyway thanks for the info


Was gutted our boy didn't get to see Gaston on our last visit. Beauty and the beast is so popular especially with the live action version, they have really missed a trick with it, people go crazy for merch and characters from the film, having the beast as a character should have been a no brainer.