25th Anniversary Hoodies

Started by Leosawesomedad, July 18, 2017, 04:55:43 PM

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Does anyone know how much the 25th-anniversary hoodies are, and, are they different prices for children and adults or just one price? I think I heard someone say they were €69 which seem a lot for a children's size to me.

Also are they more than the non-anniversary ones?

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I got the one with the silhouette of steampunk Mickey on the front and that one was 44.99 (euros). Not sure about the others.
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That's a much better price, I think I've seen that one, it's very nice.

I've just found out my parents are giving us some money to take too as it's my birthday whilst we are there and Leos shortly after we get back, we should be able to get some great stuff...

Thank you.

Hotel Cheyenne - First ever trip - August 2017
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Annual hoodies is a great idea, would like to get one. Also, you might check for the hoodies here https://brickandportal.com/shop/fendi-fendi-hoodies

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