Ur ideas for the future till 2017 and beyond

Started by lil-shawn, February 06, 2007, 11:23:42 AM

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Howdy folks,

it´s my first big topic and i hope all of u will like it!

so i wanna know what is ur plan for DLRP till 2017??

my ideas for DLRP are simple but very expensive, i belive that
in the next years everything get better and DLRP can grow.

So and now my first ideas for Frontierland, what is when they build splash mountain like in Orlando, the entree is behind the trainstation whit a own land called citter country, but thats not all they have to build at critter country two more attraction´s like country bear jamboree and a darkride to home on the range or an pocahontas darkride. so the idea is that the storry from frontierland will not changed.

the next ideas for Fantasyland, we need the old plans they have to build the little mermaid darkride at the place right next from IASW and on the right side from ariele they have to build Phillarmagic. Opposide from IASW they can buil the beauty and the beast attraction. and at last on the left side to casey jr. we have enough space for the real toontown from Anaheim!

for Discovery i think a nice attraction like Test Track on the place where´s now pizza planet, and a nice attraction from the movie in 80 days around the world opposide of buzz.

in Atventureland i think a nice jungle cruise and a second indy atraction will be nice.

for the WDS i think they have to change the name Toon Studios into Animation Studios with a nice attraction to monster inc. and Toy Story and the nice it´s tough to be a bug show.

soarin around the world or over paris will be nice between cinemagique and the studio tour. Fantasmic will be nice behind RnRC. the tram tour will be nice when the complete track is on the forest place .

The Village need a look like the Downtown Disney at Orlando, i think a seperate street just for clubs and a street for shops and restaurant´s.

Behind Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay they have to make a new lake withe three hotels like bordwalk and caribbean beach at disney world.

A Water Park under Newport Bay, one half in a big hall for the winter season and the other half outside for the summer season.

And now u what is ur plan for DLRP till 2017 and beyond??

I´m sorry for my bad english but i hope everyone understand....


What I was wondering was if we could get a third park at DLRP. Now I suppose that with the paste and budget od DLRP(although it is increasing every year) i would rather see our two existing parks, much better, bigger and detailed,... rather than three small parks (something as when studios opened). We can improve the two parks and have the best studios and disneyland on the world:o))) hehe. There were a lot of rumours about the third gate in DLRP. Some people said about WESCOT comming to paris, which of course would be wonderfull,... but i would be very afraid that it would end up as studios. Also I heard that Disney has to use the remaining lant till the year 2012 i think or it would go back to france, so i am still waiting what will happen.
On the other hand there is so much time till 2017, so everything is possible. but as i said, the two parks we have now,.. with much much more attraction, and detailed, is more realistic and better idea... for now. Maybe they could build a water park, two more hotels and turn the disneyVillage into DownTownDisney. Third park would be lovely... but i would rather wait another 20 years and wait for disney to have more money, and for new technology and than build something totally unbelievable.... why to use all the land now in these years?... Disneyland will be here forever:o)



Here is my new plan for Frontierland!!!!!

And now the story. u walk to the railroad station at frontierland on the left side at the station u see splash mountain u walk down the station and see the nice critter country on the left side is the entree to splash mountain it looks like in WDW on the right site to the entree u can eat something at the patch of heaven restaurant.
Next door to the restaurant u can go to the echo mine and have a coaster ride. the ride it self is like in the movie in a mine waggon...
After the ride u can go right next door to the indian villge, with a nice pocahontas ride like the pirates of the caribbean the boats look like the canoe´s from the movie.
Opposite the Entre to the echo mine coaster u can take pictures from woody and jazzy on woodys farm!!

so what do u think about it???


Hey folks,

Here is my plan for mickeys toon town.

The Entree to Mickey´s ToonTown on the place where are
the entree to the  storybook land!

ToonTown look like he one in Anaheim but a lil bit diferent!!!

1=Caravane de Donald.
2=Bateau de Donald (maison).
3=Park des Toon avec fontaine au centre.
4=Maison de Dingo.
5=Grand huit de Dingo (le tracé n'est pas le tracé final!).
6=Arbre de Tic et Tac.
7=Maison de Mickey.
8=Maison de Minnie.
9=Arrêts du Jolly Trolley.
10=Premier dark ride (celui de B°o°ris).
11=Bank de Picsou (Design exterieur : coffre fort (avec distributeurs)).
12=Magasins, Resotaurants

So What do u think??


right i think there should be :

A monorail around the resort
a new morning welcome at disneyland park (all characters arive on railroad)
Where Magic Lives


Lil-Shawn that plan is really good, i would never think of a toon town in DLRP  :)


that plan looks great lil-shawn :)
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Thx guys,

i will try to add pictures of my new toontown plan and the plan for frontierland!

at the moment i work on the studios expansion, disney village expansion and new hotels!  

i wnna know about ur plans or what u want for the future of the complete resort!


It seems undoubtable for all others, but is this large yellow-white-striped thing in the center of toon town?


your plans are cool , great job  :!:


Yuck! Those Toontown buildings are the most hideous things I've seen in a long time. I mean Walt Concrete Studios was bad, but at least it had some dignity! This really wouldn't fit with the beautiful architecture in the rest of Fantasyland.
Nice attempt lil-shawn, but I really hope to God that this never gets near Disneyland Paris.


QuoteIt seems undoubtable for all others, but is this large yellow-white-striped thing in the center of toon town?

yes it is the center of toontown!!!!

QuoteThis really wouldn't fit with the beautiful architecture in the rest of Fantasyland

okay, maybe u´ve right but nobody says that the buildings have to be like in the states!!!


I will be very happy if toon town excist in disneyland paris one day!

It´s a great drawing lil-shawn and I like the attractions you have chosen for the europe Toon Town.
The only thing: It´s misplace behind the Fantasyland station and next to storybook land in my opinion.
I will be happy to find your drawing toon town one day at the old considered solution by WDI, between fantasyland and discoveryland near the it´s a small world show building with an real tunnel to enter.

Near the storybookland I imagine something like a WinniePooh expierience or an other kind of enchanted forest.

But I keep my fingers crossed for toon town at DLRP.
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2017??? That's 10 years from now and we would be 10 years older, Hardly no one in DLRP could not remember to do something in 10 years time what was planned 10 years before.

But a cool topic.
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Your probably getting bored of me talk about my favourite attraction, but if its no built before 2017 it woulde be Splash Mountain Exspansion.  :)