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Quote from: Rocketeer on July 10, 2017, 09:40:34 PM
Well it's sort of there already - Star Tours and Hyperspace Mt. seem to indicate that's the direction Discoveryland is heading.

I'm not saying that the Autopia will be replaced with a complete version of the American Star Wars Lands, but I can see them adding another Star Wars attraction to the existing land.
Personally I'd much rather they just made it Tron as with the park that is getting a similar attraction replaced.


To be honest, if thats the route they decide to go i wont be too annoyed. But it's a nice change of pace attraction. Where else can my 8 year old daughter drive me? There is nothing else like that in the park where the little ones can take control.

Something like Tron would be sufficiently big enough to either be a huge draw for Studios or for a third gate. Not sure the area would be enhanced by going totally IP. Isn't Hyperspace Mountain only temporary anyway? When it reverts to Space Mountain, then Autopia makes a lot more sense.


Autopia is retro.


I suppose the situation still being as it is, Autopia will probably be around for a few years yet. They'll probably stick a Star Wars overlay on it before actually removing it.

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