19 nights at Disney, what little things to see and do?

Started by Zesty, January 03, 2017, 12:35:43 PM

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I've been to Disney Paris before but felt quite rushed, I'm lucky to be going for 19 nights now. Will probably only spend a couple of hours in the park each day (and will try and drag my friend in for Dreams most nights as it's my favourite bit). I was wondering if people had suggestions of things to see and do that we likely missed when we were rushing between rides in the past. Also we have premium vouchers, are there any restaurants that are worth downgrading/loosing money on the voucher for?


Hi Zesty,

what a great time to look forward to!
I guess there are a million things you could do, but some things that I would certainly do are:
- try to find as much hidden Mickeys as you can;
- take your time around Main Street, there are so many things to see and discover (don't forget to look up every now and again, that's how I always find new things);
- take a close look at all the tombstones next to Phantom Manor (and while you're there, enjoy the geisers as they are working again);
- try to see Disney Dreams! from different angles, not just from the center of Central Plaza;
- follow Disney Magic on Parade along the entire route, dancing and singing;
- see Mickey and the Magician from different places in the theatre (we saw it front row last Sunday and that was quite amazing, having eye-contact with the performers);
- try to experience all the different soundtrackversions of Rock 'n' RollerCoaster;
- try to recognize Cast Members (it's fun to speak to CM's a couple of times in a 2-week-period, is my experience)

Just some suggestions!


First visit to DLP but stayed in Paris in 1993 just after DLP opened - aged 10!!

Cheyenne 13-17 Dec 2012 - amazing time for my sons 3rd birthday

Santa Fe 12-16 Feb 2014 - truly magical, Valentines meal overlooking the fireworks at the DLP hotel ... PERFECT!

Newport Bay 23-27 Dec 2015 - I only went and got engaged ON CHRISTMAS DAY IN DISNEYLAND ❤❤❤ 1st in the park on Boxing Day too ... amazeballs


19 nights??? How? When? Take me with youuuu  :'(

We went to Agrabah Cafe for the first time and were impressed. The buffet departs from the usual American/European cuisine served in the parks and it was very tasty. So you may want to try that out even though it's below your voucher.

I second NCC1701Q's notion of taking your time on Main Street. It's so elaborate it's ridiculous. I just noticed this year that there's a coffee cup on a bilboard that let's off real steam like it piping hot. The attention to detail kills me sometimes.

Also in the rush of getting from ride to ride I feel like most of us overlook the walkthroughs. Like NCC1701Q said Boot Hill cemetary, then there's the Aladdin walk through, Alice's labyrinth, Nautilus, the Dragon under the castle, and the Sleeping Beauty gallery on the second floor of the castle. So so many things! You should give us a few ideas when you get back. After 19 days you'll be an expert  ;)   
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Sulley's Arms

The official Park Tour is also an excellent idea if you've got more time than usual. Absolutely LOADS of insider info & detail to be discovered on one of those!

Looking up is something that tour really taught me, in life, not just at DLP! There's so much detail around you that you just don't notice, and at DLP it's all there for a particular reason!  Go and stand in the correct spot in Fantasyland where you can see the fabulous hidden Mickey created on top of the Space Mountain cannon, that you can see in the distance.

If you can go up the Queen's Castle in Alice's Labyrinth you'll get the best view of the park, in many peoples' opinion...
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