Did they forgot to send the place of the interview?

Started by extremusPT, December 23, 2016, 07:45:06 PM

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I´ve applied to an interview in Lisbon on the 24th of January. The thing is that they sent me an email with some information and also this:

"You will find all the information related to your interview in the document attached.

Please ensure you bring with you:

Your passport, I.D. card or valid work permit for France
A copy of both sides of your passport, I.D. card or work permit
Your CV
A copy of your completed application form. "

Where´s the problem? This is the problem!

There is no attachment on the email!

And there is no email reference or phone number that i can contact to clarify this situation.

My question is: do they send you other email with the location? Because i already booked my interview hour on the link they gave me. Still..no location mentioned and no atachment.



I used to work in DLP in entertaiment and as dancer in shows, but from what I know the contact details on this page are correct:


I assume you speak french since youre going to a recruitment session so this page is hopefully okay for you. But call the phone number on this website. It should be the recruitment office :) Im sure they can help you out.

contactez-nous par email à dlp.casting@disney.com
Adresse : Disneyland Paris - Bâtiment Greenwich - BP 100 - 77777 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 4
Standard : 01 64 74 40 00   

Do not email them. Call them. As much as I love france and Disney they are really bad at responding to emails. even regarding my previous contract offers where I just needed to know if they had gotten my documentation:) they are much better at helping you on the phone. Just make sure to put (+33) in front and leave the first 0 out I think. or if im wrong just google that.

good luck and let me know if it doenst work and ill try to find something else :)


hello extremusPT
I have exactly the same problem, did you solve it? Do you know where the interview is?
... thank u


Hello People.

First of all thanks for the reply Disneydanseur.

After a day or two of posting this question, I've got another email with all the conditions, place of interview, the interview form etc..

Is anyone going to Lisbon interview?



Yeah I'm from Lisbon.  At what time are you going? I'll go on the first period. From 8 to 12h


me too! :)

I'll arrive the 23th and sleep in some hostel



Sure! We´ll get in touch a few days before! Is that ok?