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Started by DLPme, February 22, 2015, 07:56:25 PM

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This is just some fantasy imagineering, not something I would see as very realistic.

But the area planned for Splash Mountain in Disneyland Paris is a part of Frontierland. This means that the current version of Splash would not fit in story-wise, and they would also have to change the colors of the mountain to make it blend in wiht BTM. But I was thinking that the area over by Chaparral Theatre/Woody's roundup is big enough to house more than just Splash. It actually holds enough room for a whole mini-land!

The farm theming from back by the theatre would move forward to form a farm right outside Cowboy Cookout Barbeque and serve as a transition from the minings by BTM, and take you out into the woodlands. To Critter Country. This is the land of the critters. As the landmark of the mini-land you would find Splash Mountain telling the story about Br'er Rabbit and the gang. Just like planned!

But making this an area worth visiting, it would also house the animals of the Hundred Acre Wood, in Pooh's Hunny Hunt, which would be an english/french version of the ride in Tokyo. Here you would also find a Pooh-store, and right around the corner a Meet&greet for Pooh and his friends in the right surroundings of the woodland.

And with two E-ticket attractions right next to each other, you also have a great reason to actually do some big-budget shows at the Chaparral Theatre! And when you think about it, it is a perfect location for a Critter Country. The Cowboy Cookout will serve as a restaurant for the area, so there's no reason to make a new restaurant. The farming theme makes a great transition from the town of Thunder Mesa and in to the woods. And you would have a perfect home for both the Br'er family, AND the animals of the Hundred Acre Wood! To make it fit in when seeing Splash Mountain from Phantom Manor and BTM, some tall trees could make it clear that this is far into the woods.

I do know that there most probably would never be a chance to get two E-tickets to one small area, and the crowds would be crazy like hell in the summer. But it would be a nice area, and would boost Disneyland Paris with two great world-class attractions, and give life to a dead corner of the park!

I took the freedom to make a simple (bad) map of how I picture it. The dimensions is far from right, but it gives you a nice idea of how it would be!

Blue: Existing buildings (Chaparral & Cowboy Cookout)
Red: Splash Mountain w/ show building
Orange: Pooh's Hunny Hunt show building
Pink: Pooh line
Green: Pooh store

And still you can see the big space available!

As I said, this isn't very realistic, but I think it would be nice. What do you think?

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Fantastic idea for the land DLPme! Its certainly something that the park needs.

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