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Started by experiment627, December 08, 2004, 07:18:21 PM

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Fresh from AnimatedNews.com:

Walt Disney and Pixar have announced that they are moving the release date of Pixar's upcoming animated feature film, Cars, from November 2005 to June 9, 2006. Dick Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios said, "The move from November 2005 to June 2006 makes perfect sense. Cars is the quintessential summer film for audiences of all ages... In the vein of Finding Nemo, we feel the movie will have legs throughout summer and beyond". Pixar CEO Steve Jobs said, "Cars longs to be a summer movie. We plan to finish Cars on its original schedule, and look forward to Cars and our future films benefiting by summer theatrical releases and holiday DVD releases". Release dates in other countries have also been set for summer 2006 - France on July 12, Germany and Switzerland on July 13, the UK and Spain on July 14, Japan on July 15 and Italy on September 1.

UPDATE: Disney will also move the opening of Chicken Little from July 1, 2005, to Cars' orignial opening date on November 4, 2005.


Thanks for the update!  The dates do actually make much more sense - though it does mean we have one whole year now until the next new Disney animated movie.  :(

I wonder if Disney are hoping people will think Chicken Little is a Pixar movie?  People who just think that Disney made all of Pixar's films will very likely go and see Chicken Little just because of this, and so the film will almost definately be helped.  They won't confuse people on purpose, but it's lucky for WDFA how things will work out.


Mhm... But wasn't it Pixar's attempt in the first place (back during "Toy Story" and "a bug's life") that people thought they were Disney movies?  :wink:


Quote from: "experiment627"Mhm... But wasn't it Pixar's attempt in the first place (back during "Toy Story" and "a bug's life") that people thought they were Disney movies?  :wink:

Yeah, that's true.  It's interesting how things have changed now so much that for best results Disney's work needs to be confused with Pixar's by the general public, rather than Pixar's work being advertised as Disney's.  Poor old WDFA...  :(


Well... personally I still think the general public percieves all those movies as being "Disney".

Even though the name Pixar is much more prominent nowadays than it was, let's say before Monster's Inc., I still don't think that its brand is strong enough to sell its movies as succesful if they weren't released under the Disney name...


A lot of people here in the area think that Sharktale is the sequal to Finding Nemo..............................  :roll: