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Started by Princesslisamay, September 27, 2016, 11:13:49 PM

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looking for some info, im due to arrive on December 11th for 5 days, my self and ds, only now my best friend of 20 years is joining us with her family, of 5, question is its my 5th time but everyone else's 1st time, just wondered if there is anything special that they can get? also our rooms are next to each other but do they have joining rooms in hotel new York??? TIA


You can definitely get joining rooms at the hotel New York. We have done that before. As for 1st time items I don't know of many in Disney though I saw recently on a video someone going for the first time got a badge. So you could ring and ask about those.


I think DLP have started giving out "real" button badges like WDW, but French versions. So, I presume you could get a 1st Visit badge.
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