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Started by experiment627, November 12, 2004, 11:03:35 PM

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I suppose most of you already heard or read about the rumoured new attractions (take a look at //, who state that this is straight from an internal DLRP memo):

2005 - Space Mountain: Mission II

2006 - Buzz Lightyear (Discoveryland)

2007 - ToonTown (Walt Disney Studios)

2008 - Tower of Terrer + park expansion (Walt Disney Studios)

Sounds good... add another two years to this plan and it even sounds like manegable.

Screamscape also posted these rumours and added, that ToonTown might be in fact quite small with probably no rides but character meet-n-greet pavillions, shops and restaurants (but Screamscape is notorious for being wrong when it comes to EU parks...)

So, let's spin the rumour mill again!  8)


Sounds all very good to me.  I'm glad they're finally planning to build new stuff, especially rides!  

And even if the Toon Studios / Town is small, with only restaurants and meet 'n greet, it would still be a good addition to the Studios.  Maybe a play area for the little ones would be cool to add to it?

Very exciting times  :D


And now imagine... that's how it might look like (more or less) in a year or two at the Walt Disney Studios:

(Taken at Tokyo DisneySea)


Wow, lovely!

But seriously, that would be an amazing sight to see in DLRP.  We haven't actually seen that since 2001/2 now, or 1995 for a specific attration.  Not unless you count parking lots...

I wonder if DLRP would do anything to cover up ToT construction?  It will really stick out in WDS in the La Terrasse spot, so what could they do to hide it?  It'd be good if they built a higher construction fence for a start, and some kind of large banner down the side of the construction could look cool.  In 2006 it could advertise ToonTown then in 2007 ToT, and it'd look better than bare steelwork - there's enough of that already!


I was wondering, do workmen continue to build attractions during the day with paying guests looking around or do they wait until the park closes?

If they just do it at night then it must take ages to get it all finished, but if it's during the day then it's far from magical  :D
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


Well, workmen worked during the day when they put up the "Toilletts of Terror"  - So I think, they'll work on the Tower during daytime as well  :wink:


Yeah, same for the refurbs!


Soon at Discoveryland: