Face Character height query

Started by disneyem, October 19, 2016, 12:12:19 AM

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Hi! After having recently returned from a trip to WDW, my desire to be a face character has been reignited. I know auditions for WDW rarely take place in England, but Paris ones do.

I've always wanted to portray Belle, whether it be at a meet and great or as a Belle performer, however I am only 5"1. Does anyone know if there have ever been any Belle's at this height (or at this height but then added height with costume shoe heels) or are Disney generally very strict on height?

Many thanks :)



Unfortunately the heights for the princesses are very strict. I used to worked in "Parade/Character" at Disneyland Paris, and I've known a couple of girls who were a little bit on the short side/a little bit on the tall side. But they would still be within the official "5'3" - 5'7".

You don't have to give up on being a face character though :)! in your height there is Alice, Wendy and Tinkerbell (tink only does parade though). and your height also have really great fur characters.