13/08/16 - Smoke back during Space Mointain launches!!

Started by Mtlchuck, August 14, 2016, 01:35:57 PM

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Visited the parks for some time yesterday, mostly to do some pin trading. What a pleasant surprise it was to see, for once, the Columbiad's smoke effects during the rocket blasts working! This always seemed like such a neat effect, but it was always off and I took it as a lost cause. Alas, the effect is not as spectacular as it used to be, as it seems that now they use water mist instead of theatrical smoke to achieve the effect- but its more than welcome and sure to be a more reliable effect :D

ill post a photo as soon as I get access to my computer :)


I enjoyed seeing it back, wish they would bring back the boom when it launches.


I agree, the smoke effect and the boom noise make it feel like it is really being shot out of that cannon. I remember going on the ride for the first time and getting tingles down my spine, it seemed so big and so real.

Space Mountain is one of my all time favourites!
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I love those effects.
I hope they keep the smoke with the hyperspace mountain upgrade. But since it doesnt fit whit the starwars theming I am afraid it will be gone. hate the whole hyperspace mountain idea by the way.
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