The Great Mickey Ride

Started by Rocketeer, August 03, 2016, 08:22:51 PM

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A rumour is doing the rounds that Disney's Hollywood Studios iconic 'Great Movie Ride' maybe getting replaced with something tentatively called 'The Great Mickey Ride' (must've took 'em hours to come up with that(!) )

Anyway, wouldn't this sound like a great additon to WDS? They just need to build that long sought after Hollywood Blvd., and a theatre-themed show building. No big ask eh? ;)

QuoteWhile details are scarce at this point, rumors indicate the ride would be trackless and is also being developed to go somewhere at the Disneyland Resort simultaneously.
The line of thinking here would be to feature the first ride ever devoted to Mickey Mouse, something that has been attempted many times over the last 60 years but never built in any Disney theme park.

This isn't supposed to happen (if at all) until Star Wars Land debuts in Florida, which is '18/'19 at the earliest. So plenty of time for WDS to get ready. (if only!)

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This sounds like a great idea, though I can't see it happening for at least 10 years.


Could be interesting. But it also depends on how the ride would be.
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