Disneyland New Parade 2017

Started by xmora91, January 23, 2016, 09:26:45 AM

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Dose Anyone Know If Disneyland Paris Going To Get A New Day Time Or Night Time Parade For There 25th Anniversary Next Year 2017?


There was a FB post from a couple of imagineers who are currently designing the new parade for DLP. When I asked them if it will be just a few new floats or a whole brand new parade they told me that they are not allowed to reveal details yet, but they can't wait to talk more about it.  ;D


I Also Hear That Too They There Where Planning For A New Parade For Disneyland Paris, I Think There Where The One Who Made The Mickey Soundsational Parade For Disneyland In CA And Also The Happiness Is Here Parade For Tokyo Disneyland.



Awesome! We are going over a few times this year and although im not tremendously fussed about closures I am really looking forward to 2017 when it should all come back to life again in full swing!, planning about 4 trips to DLP in 2017 and a two week jaunt to WDW!
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I just hope the new parade has an actual soundtrack with sections specific to each float instead of the same 2 minute song looped over and over !


I hope there's a new parade, but I suppose there'd have to be, "20 years of joy and laughter" is a bit out of date for the 25th anniversary. I also agree about a longer song, as much as I love magic everywhere, it does get very repetitive lol.

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