The sweet sweet smell of Disneyland... bathrooms?

Started by Mtlchuck, June 10, 2016, 06:05:59 PM

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Hey everyone,

As everyone's, I assume, my favourite moment of visiting Disneyland Paris is entering the park :D. I tend to enter by the right side, and I always smell the very pleasant fragrance coming from the bathrooms located at the corner. I've noticed this same fragrance pumped in the Discoveryland bathrooms (the ones next to the entrance of Autopia), but not in many others. Does anyone else love this smell? Could anyone tell me what the smell actually is or any fragrances that resemble it :)?


I thought I was the only one! I'd go so far as to say it's my favourite scent ever! I adore it and I asked at city hall what they use but they had no idea... The language barrier paired with an unexpected question led to them thinking I was complaining about a smell in the toilets haha! So yes if anyone knows I'd also LOVE to know :)

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Is it the same smell as in the Disneyland Hotel? If so, I remember reading a couple of year ago that they used to sell this fragrance! If I remember rightly it is vanilla and sandalwood and people have found very similar smells in home fragrances such as ambi-pur in the past! :)
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they do sell the fragrance from the disneyland hotel in the shop (2nd floor of the hotel) but not sure if its the same one xx


I checked the one at the hotel, they sell it as a diffuser and as a candle, but its not the same smell ;)

Although vanilla and sandalwood really describes it.... It might be the way they diffuse it, its heavenly!


Hi everyone,

I posted here a long time ago about the delicious and welcoming smell of Disneyland Paris' bathrooms, mainly the one at the very beginning of Main Street (to the right, facing the castle).

I recently smelled a fragrance that I think smells almost identical - I am crazy about it. It is MAISON MARGIELA 'REPLICA' -Jazz Club.

If you can pass by your local Sephora and smell a sample, let me know if this also reminds you of this vanilla-like smell I am talking about!