1st Time Annual Pass & Parking Questions

Started by hrbx, March 22, 2016, 07:18:33 AM

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I'll be arriving at DLP on the 4/4 and will be purchasing the Dreams AP. Im driving to DLP and staying off-site, so my question is, can I get the Dreams AP before arriving?

If not, how does parking work on Day one, would seem a shame having to pay to park to then buy a Dreams AP which I could get Free Parking with, or will this be re-imbursed against the AP price on the day?

Sorry for the 21 questions, just wanting to make sure everything goes to plan :)


It is true that you have to pay for parking on the day you purchase the AP since you don't have it yet when you pass the checkpoint at the parking lot. Unfortunately there is no reimbursement.

I guess you have two options:
- meet up with an AP holder who sponsors you in front of the parking lot;
- park in the parking garage at the Cinema and just go into the park to get the AP, then get the car and move it to the parking lot. That costs a lot less than the €15 you pay for the parking lot.

To completely avoid any parking fees you would either have to travel by public transport, be dropped off at the parking garage (get the AP and then come back to park the car) or order the AP via mail (but since the one-year-period will start when the AP is issued that will cost you some days in validity).