2 park 1 day possible in July? Advice in general

Started by donnadaydream, March 12, 2016, 06:44:56 PM

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Hi I'm new here and to Disneyland Paris too!
We driving to France 18th July for 1 week and are staying at a campsite in the Loire valley. I have booked to stay overnight on the Wednesday at a airbnb place pretty much in the middle of the city centre and Disney with a parking space so plan a day in the city and then a day at the parks. We haven't booked anything else yet so are flexible but I'm only now realising we will be trying to fit a lot in! There are 2 adults, and 13 and 11 year old boys. My initial plan has been travel up early Wed morning get parked at the house then head into the city for a day of sightseeing/ open top bus etc, see the tower lit up then back to the house, sleep, up and out to hit the parks until shut, tube back to house and drive back to the campsite. I hadn't realised the park was open so late - figured it would be 6pm like Alton Towers so hope you guys could give us some advice?

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It isn't even possible to do 2 parks in 1 day in the most quiet time of the year, let alone during the most busy time of the year.
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That's slightly ambitious and like the above post impossible, my advice would be to do your "must dos" and have maybe a character Meal in the evening to fit in some character meets. It will ever very busy as its summer time, however you can still have a good time it'll take some planning though  :)


I thought the 2 parks was ambitious - but since it was an option as a ticket I thought I'd check, especially since it seems there is a fair few things closed. Which would you do on the first day the city or the park?


Definitely the city should be the first day!
You could go to bed relatively early and then try to be at the park gates at 9:30. In the DLP day you should stay in the parks up to the closing time when there is the Disney Dreams night show.

If you are into the characters thing, you should better book a character meal to avoid loosing time queueing to meet them.   This way you eat, relax you feet and meet characters all in one, (to a price in euro :) ).

If you are not so much into the characters (like us), seeing the parades should be enough. If you'd like to visit both parks I suggest starting with the Studios, using the fast pass there as much as possible and around lunch time move to Disneyland park and remain there until Disney Dreams show.


I don't think the boys will be to bothered about the characters. We always planned on coming when they were younger but the years have flown by - this is us cramming it all in before they are too old/ cool to enjoy it  ;D


Do you think they are into the stronger attractions?

Then I suggest hit the Studios at 9:30, when they open the gates, place yourselves as quick as possible in the queue for Crush's Coaster, (this will make you riding it right after the opening) then hurry up to get a fast pass for Tower of terror and then do Rock and roller coaster (or vice versa). The fast pass machines open at 10:00. Then you may all do Ratatouille on the Single rider queue as the boys are old enough (if the lines are already too long). You may also do RCRacer on the single rider queue. My DDs did that on single rider last year and they were 13 and 9.

After all of these are done you may choose to ride smaller attractions in the studios, or, better, go to Disneyland park and try to get a fast pass for Space Mountain or Buzz if any will be still available. After the fast pass thing is sorted out you may have some lunch :)


It's impossible to do EVERYTHING. But it's unlikely with children that age they are going to want to do certain things e.g. Disney Junior etc.

I reckon if you just wanted to do rides then that would be possible in one day (especially with current attraction closures). I managed the whole of studios rides from 4 to closing one Monday. Factor in EMH if you have them then rides would be easily doable in DLP if it was quiet.

If you prioritise what you want then yes you could have a successful one day trip. Maybe meeting a lot of characters would be a stretch but some will be almost walk up (Marie and Jack Skellington were in October).  I think it will be Frozen Summer fun so I don't know how bigger Frozen fans you guys are but that'll be the main show.

Depending how mature your children are then they could do rides while you do shows etc.

What I would advise is having a look on the website and seeing what you think you'd want to do and maybe post on here once you have a rough idea i.e. must dos. That way it would be easier for us to give a rough estimation (like if you don't want to meet characters that's substantially less time).
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As posted above defiantly start at the studios get to the gates early, when they do make a run for crush coaster it's to the right through the doors (it's very popular) then ratatouille don't miss! Then explore the studios as you wish before returning to the main park for rides, parade and of course dreams at park closing.

You will be able to get a lot done aslong as you have somewhat of a plan, take snacks and drinks to keep the kids going throughout the day it saves so much time waiting in line for a bottle of drink! And think about where you'd like to eat, if they're not to worried about characters then I'd just grab a hotdog or something quick from caseys.

You can always meet Mickey Mouse in fantasyland during the day, If you want at least one family photo it may be worth doing?

Use fast pass to save time, it's free you just scan your park ticket and you can return at a time slot for a much shorter wait time.