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First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016

Author Topic: First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016  (Read 2526 times)


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First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016
« on: March 12, 2016, 09:23:54 AM »


This is my first ever pre trip report! I'm so happy to have found this forum & I can't believe I've been missing out all this time.

I'm really enjoying reading all the other reports so I thought I'd do my own.

So introductions first!

I'm 34 & a single mum to my gorgeous 3 year old son. He's my absolute world & I love him to bits.  I work full time in HR.

I've always loved Disney. I've been to WDW 3 times. Once with my parents when I was 15 & twice with my ex husband (including our honeymoon). 

I've been to DLP many times also. My first ever trip was with my best friend & her parents when we were about 16. It was during the school holidays & it was really hot & really busy but we had a great time. We stayed in Newport Bay.

Since that first trip I've been many times with my now ex husband and we always stayed in Hotel New York. 

We also went with my parents one year to celebrate my 21st & their 30th wedding anniversary. We drove for the first time (having previously always taken the Eurostar) as my Mum is in a wheelchair. I've such good memories of that trip. What we didn't know at the time however was that my dear Dad had a brain tumour. He collapsed at the wheel of his car a week after we got back & died 6 months later after a horrible battle with cancer.  I still miss him every day & often think back of my memories of that trip & our WDW trip.

After splitting with my husband my best friend & i did a one night stay in hotel Cheyenne a few years ago. What a laugh! We still talk & laugh about it regularly.

And then last year I took my son for the first time.  He was only 2 & everyone said 'he's too young to enjoy it'. Nonsense! We both had a brilliant time. He loves Disney & Mickey & we have been going to legoland & chessington etc since he was about 9 months! So he is used to theme parks & rides etc.

We stayed in hotel New York & once again loved it.  We took the Eurostar from ashford & drove down the night before & stayed in a premier inn. The staff at ashford were great & helped me with my luggage & pushchair etc.  Unfortunately it wasn't the same coming back! Thankfully the passengers I was sitting near were wonderful & really helpful!

We went in March for 4 nights/ 5 days & we were really lucky with the weather. I was walking around in short sleeves some days.

So now to this year.....,,

We are going in May, so I'm expecting it to be a bit busier & (hopefully) warmer. I've taken care to avoid (I think) all school holidays in Europe so hopefully the crowds will be ok.

We are again going by Eurostar from ashford & staying in the premier inn the night before.

This year we are staying in Newport Bay & I'm really looking forward to it. I spent ages trying to choose which hotel I wanted (I am miss indecisive lol). We are again going for 4 nights/ 5 days & I've got the half board plus meal plan.

Both my son & I are sooooo excited. He remembers last year & wants to go on the pirate boat & its a small world. He sings 'yo ho yo ho all the time! I think I may have indoctrinated him into Disney!

I'm planning to eat (not booked yet!) in silver spurhouse (not tried before), Walts, Annette's, rainforest cafe, & blue lagoon (my favourite restaurant ever!).  We ate in blue lagoon twice last year & got a table by the water both times. My son did not get bored of waving to the boats through the whole meal!

I've also booked us a breakfast at cafe Mickey. We did this last year too & it didn't go too well so I'm hoping this year will be better!  My son was terrified of the characters & it was very stressful for me timing running to the buffet, keeping an eye that he was ok on his own & watching that I didn't miss a character.  Fingers crossed that he likes them this year!

My rough plan for the week is Disneyland park & village on the Monday (arrival day), disneyland park on Tuesday, studios on Wednesday & then choose our best bits for the other days.

Thank you for reading!
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Re: First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 09:33:46 AM »
Fantastic pre trip report :)

I can't wait to read about your stay.  We are booked for the NPB in July :) I know it will be busy but my DD is in school so holidays are my only option :). I booked Compass Club to try and ease things a little :)

Have a fanatstic time!!


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Re: First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2016, 09:38:56 AM »
Sounds like your going to have a magical trip! My son is pirates mad too if love to eat at the blue lagoon but he's super fussy!
Silver spur is very good we recently ate there and is loved it, was quite a long wait for food however it was over half term and around 6pm.


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Re: First ever pre trip report! DLP Newport Bay May 2016
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2016, 01:16:35 PM »
sounds like you have it all planned!
i took my daughters aged 11 and 5 for the first time last month and it was amazing we had an incredible 6 days at the park.
just a thought but as you get breakfast included in your hotel pack wouldnt you be better doing to Cafe Mickey at night? this is what we did it is table service at night and the characters come to you so you are not running to them or jumping up every two mins to go to the buffet, just a thought.
Whatever you do make sure you book well in advance and when you check in to your hotel remember to ask the concierge for your bookings and he will print you out the tickets. we only really needed it for Cafe mickey but it does make life easier.
Hope you have a fantastic time!  :D