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Disneyland Resort California trip report 26/3/07 - 9/4/07

Author Topic: Disneyland Resort California trip report 26/3/07 - 9/4/07  (Read 2714 times)


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Disneyland Resort California trip report 26/3/07 - 9/4/07
« on: April 29, 2007, 10:53:42 AM »
sorry its a little ive benn busy lol

ok im just going to include the disney days (all 8 of them) as we went to universal, warner bros studio, hollywood + la and the queen mary on the other days

Day 1 - Disneyland park

We all got up bright and early for disneyland park. The plan was to conquer the left hand side of the park first then move round clockwise. We then moved up main street and i was comparing it to the 1 in DLRP. We then entered through the adventureland gate too hop on board the Jungle Cruise - Allways great fun!!!! We then went to see Walt Disneys enchanted tiki room and had a lovely dole whipp (if  u are ever at DLR or WDW and like pineapple try a dole whipp!) Unfortunatly the stand by line for indianna jones was too long znd the fastpasses had ran out so we decided to do it on our next day. Also Tarzans treehouse was closed for referb allong with the mark twain and splash mountain. We also had a look at the line or pirates but found out it started at the gates of frontierland then looped round too the shopps of new orleans square WITH OUT FASTPASS!!! So we went onto the haunted mansion and had a look at the door of club33, Then moved onto big thunder mountain - i sware it goes faster lol and then we went onboard the sailing ship columbia

To wrap things up we saw Remember dreams come true - the best fireworks desplay ever!!! hehe

Ill post the pictures later today and day 2 tomorrow :)
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Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Looking forward to reading more.  The original DL is my favorite park anywhere!!!
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Sounds like a good far :lol:
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