Where to meet Elsa and Anna?

Started by extremusPT, February 07, 2016, 01:13:15 PM

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When we went over the Christmas period of 2014/15 they were in the pavilion & it was a 4 1/2 hour queue. I'm sorry but it's just not worth wasting nearly a full day for 2 princesses. We actually got a picture of them & spoken to when they were walking from the pavilion which suited my two just fine.


One of the issues with the PP was that guests were accosting Anna & Elsa and thrusting kids at them for photos on their way between the PP and backstage so it was taking them forever to get on their break.


This happens even with regular princesses, and they have a policy of not stopping now...so the sa,e could be applied to Anna and Elsa
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There should be a meet & greet for Elsa and Anna considering how popular Frozen is, but I guess the queue times would be a joke.


Depending on when you are going (it changes with the seasons), there are different things but there is still A LOT of Frozen in the park, there is sing a long Frozen and Elsa and Anna have their own float in the parade, last winter they had their own separate mini parade too where they rode a horse drawn carriage in the park.

We went the year they could meet them in the castle and although we where one of the lucky ones to get to see them people qued from 8am and by 9am they closed the que because all the tickets to see them that day had gone, and it was like that every day! I ran when they opened that gate to be about 30th in the que. It's however not nice for people who don't get the extra hours in the morning as they stood no chance in seeing them. I was worried my daughter would be upset but she was SO please to meet a princess in the castle when we went again she didn't mind and we all loved the sing along as well as seeing them on the parade. Your daughters will love it. Explain that their are just too many children in the park for them to meet Elsa and Anna in a day so they wave at as many people as possible on the parade instead. They will have a great time and if you go to the sing a long there is a host of frozen sweets and extra toys you might want to save money for like a blue hot chocolate and frozen cookies etc.
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