Character Tips for Beginner

Started by ukretrozone, August 25, 2016, 04:14:25 PM

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Hi guys

I've been to DLP and WDW before and I've done meet and greets a few times in the past (mainly Stitch  :-[) but my character interactions have been fun but not like others I've heard about. It's my fault really as I never know what to do especially with fur characters.

So I was wondering if you lovely people could hand over some advice to make the most out of my meet and greets I hope to experience at DLP.

Thank you in advance


My little one has a cuddly toy she takes with her to show them and they always make a great fuss of her playing around with him and making her (and everyone else) laugh, especially the more playful type characters.

We saw Rafiki yesterday afternoon also before we headed home and I put her sun hat on his head which she found hilarious as he pranced around pretending to be all girly and pretty!


Mickey has played with our light sabers before, mini has complimented our daughter when she wore a red sweater with white spots. They will comment if your child is dressed as a character.. and yes soft toys too, my youngest has a bunny that goes everywhere (not a disney toy) and Mickey gave him the bunny a hug, I hope that helps
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Should ahve mentioned there won't be any children involved in our meets hahaha I'll probably be wearing Disney related clothing so hopefully the characters will notice. Planning to Disneybound as Flynn Rider so I hope to meet him


Look up a channel called Dedicated To DLP on YouTube.  Steve has just posted a great video about tips for meeting characters.