Reports: Man arrested with gun

Started by Slimy yet satisfying, January 28, 2016, 05:36:39 PM

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Quote from: billy on January 29, 2016, 01:14:23 PM
Here is a link to the latest update on the story:
Interesting, thank you for the update - I hadn't seen this yet :)


We are literally on the way home now so were there Thursday when it happened, we had no idea about it until a family member from home text to see if we was all ok. We did see that on that Thursday they did ask for your room key when you walked from Disney village to the hotels, but they didnt today as we walked through. There is a lot of security around the park bag search and hotels. There is definitely no baggage scan at the Cheyenne however there is at the Newport bay club as we pulled up there on magical express. Also as we were leaving the Cheyenne the entrance to new York hotel was full of police in cars and on foot and also unmarked black cars literally covering the road. I was a little worried when I heard but I felt totally safe in the actual park, they use a body scanner wand that they wave all over you plus the baggage search, and also had about 4 police dogs in the square between Eurostar and park search bit. The airport was also crawling with police both normal and armed and security check was very strict I had to be swabbed on my hands both sides and my belt area and also my bag got pulled off to be swabbed for explosives residue, although unsure if this is the norm at the airport as have never flown before.
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For me this is not typical terrorist behaviour. They would have done their homework before any attack attempt, They would have done research and visited the location to see security measures and then work out the best possible time and location to attack. The other reason for me is why have the weapon in a case and not on your person? As said before the weapon could have been left in a vehicle and collected later.

Please follow the following link for how to stay safe during a weapons attack. The video is focused on an office environment but can also be used whilst on holiday, and was used recently by a Welsh Police officer on holiday caught up in the recent attack in Tunisia. We use this video during Project Griffin Counter Terrorism seminars

Never the less, praise must go to the emergency services for their swift and covert handling of the situation.