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Started by billy, January 28, 2016, 04:56:59 PM

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Hi all,
Just a quick question we are off to DLP in three weeks and the last time i went which was several years ago and also in the states there were characters just walking about as well as being in the allocated spots. I've read a few reviews and looked on the schedule and it does state where and when you can meet the characters but I am getting the general feeling that you dont just see characters walking about is that right? thank you


They have changed from a few meeting places and wandering characters to mostly fixed meeting places as of a few weeks ago. It might change back, who knows?

DLPWonders (Banned)

The characters that normally wander around during this time, are now scheduled.
So no, there are few to none random characters anymore.
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I have just returned from DLP and all I can say is that although there are mostly organised meet and greets there are still the odd one or 2 randoms at the moment, like Mary Poppins and Bert with a penguin, under the gazebo on Main Street. Jack Sparrow has been seen out by Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. Suzy and Perla sometimes come out opposite the teacups before going back in to Auberge de Cendrillon and Pinocchio and Gepetto often hang around the big gates next to Its a small world, even though they are not an organised meet and greet! I also happened to wander down towards Casey Junior last Friday and I came across Aurora, meeting and greeting guests and Merida was there too even though she is not supposed to be out yet! its just look of the draw!

before I went Belle in her little town outfit and Gaston had been seen in the studios. if you can, check ED92 live on twitter or DisneylandBerry as they often tweet live from the parks and catch rare characters in action!



We're just back. There were both announced as unannounced characters about.

Announced were:

Minnie Mouse near entrance Liberty Arcade
Goofy near entrance Discovery Arcade
Donald near exit Liberty Arcade
Tigger & Eeyore (later Tigger & Winnie the Pooh) in front of Plaza Gardens restaurant
Tiana & Prince Naveen at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
Chip & Dale next to Hakuna Matata Restaurant
Abu (also Jaffar and the Genie) next to Treasures of Sheherazade
Captain Hook & Mr Smee (later Peter Pan & Wendy) next to Au Chalet de la Marionette restaurant
Mickey Mouse at his spot near Fantasyland station
Alice and Mad Hatter near Mickey's spot
Aurore at the Princess Pavilion

Unannounced were:

Minnie & Mickey Mouse at Minnies spot in the early morning
Pluto & Goofy at Goofy's spot in the early morning
Donald Duck at the gazebo in the early morning
Mary Poppins & Bert at the gazebo
Chip & Dale near Donald's spot in the early morning
King Louie & Baloo near Colonel Hathi's Outpost
Tweedledee & Tweedledum near Alice's Labyrinth
White Rabbit near Alice's Labyrinth
Perla & Suzy near Mad Hatter's Tea Cups
Geppetto & Pinocchio near Fantasia Gelati
Stitch next to Space Mountain
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Stitch!!!! I'll be looking out for him, my 1 yr old loves him.
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