March 21 - Disney Character Look- a - like audition, London

Started by MaddieMermaidxo, January 14, 2016, 07:41:46 PM

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Hey guys, I was just browsing the disney audition website to see that there is an advertisement of Disney Character Look A Likes Audition in London in March.

I am currently on the books for Disneyland Paris but by that time I will be out of the talent pool so if I havent heard anything by then I'll be going :)

I've never seen an audition notice just for look a likes before... this is what is says.

Disneyland Paris is casting for the roles of all the famous look-alikes characters,
from the classic animation films of Snow White, Cinderella to the modern-day
Merida and Elsa, to be part of the character and parade department.

All look-alike performers must have a minimum level of dance,
enthusiastic and highly energetic and have distinguishing characteristics
to portray these animated characters.

Female look-alikes*
measure between 160cm – 173cm (5ft3 – 5ft8), have elegance, graceful qualities.
Male look-alikes*
measure between 178cm – 183cm (5ft10 – 6ft), with compelling, masculine features.
*All parade performers and character look-alike performers also perform as costume characters.

30 Female & 15 Male specific roles available for the following dates:
OPEN ENDED (Full-time) contracts for certain profiles starting in March/April 2016.

Will anyone else be attending? Also, I've never been to one of these auditions before... will it be the same animation/dance rounds or something different?

Have a good day x

Nico C

Hello Maddie,

I myself have never been to a look alikes audition before but I know someone who did about two years ago. She said it's exactly the same process as the normal auditions except everyone's faces will be examined providing you pass the animation and dance stages. Hoped this helped  :)


Hi Maddie,
I really want to audition to be a Disney princess, and I almost went to the London auditions in November. I did not go because I am 27 years old (Though I look more like an 18 year old) and I heard that Disney will not hire face characters who are older than 24. If anyone can verify the age restriction I'd appreciate it as it would save me the cost of train tickets and head shot prints.  I look quite young so I figured if I auditioned and no one knew my birth date I would have a fair shot, but if they have a strict age rule I don't want to waste my time.  ;)

If there isn't an age restriction then I might see you there in the spring! :)


It's illegal to have age restrictions on whom you will offer a job to so I'm sure they don't have any.


Not saying they don't do it, I can't say for sure as I don't work for them but in my opinion it's nothing to do with the date of birth written on your form but what you actually physically look like. If you're 27 and look 27 you'll obviously be slightly more mature looking than a 20 year old.
If you look young then I wouldn't worry.
Not quite the same thing but I'm on the books currently for fur/parade and I'm 26 next month. Age is just a number  :D


please help im looking to attend this audition (march 21st) but wanted to know do i need to book in or just show up for the audition? xx


You just show up, the queues might start early though.


To Dinosaur

Age does not matter at all, as long as your face is still young. I worked at Disneyland Paris as a face character and one of my best friends was 28 plus there were others who were in their 30s who were friends with characters so don't let your age stop you!