Adventure Isle/Cabane des Robinsons refurbishment (2016/1/11 to 2016/09/?)

Started by Remco K., January 19, 2016, 05:15:47 PM

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Remco K.

Both Adventure Isle and Cabane des Robinsons are currently undergoing a refurbishment, which is supposed to end in September 2016.

Scaffolding is going up!

Pictures are courtesy of @ED92Live (Twitter).

Remco K.


The closure of Adventure Isle in it's entirety is what has caused me to delay going til next year! BTM and the Rivers closing was fine for me, I'd miss it but you can still explore and do the majority of Frontierland, But without Adventure Isle there is only Pirates and Indiana Jones, you miss the main part of Adventureland, the adventure! 2 lands in the park are basically dead at the moment so I think I may schedule for December or early January whenever BTM reopens!

Remco K.

Funny enough, Skull Rock appears to be small with all the scaffolding surrounding it.

Picture courtesy of @DisneylandBerry (Twitter).