14-17 September feedback

Started by upinthesky, September 30, 2015, 11:38:17 AM

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Hi all,

Overall another great trip but a few points worth thinking about:

1) This was the first time I had benefitted from the Half Board meal vouchers. A fabulous discount, but way too complicated in my opinion. You can end up eating more than you want (because you have to have a starter - main - dessert) or you can't have your preference even when it is cheaper. Very frustrating in the restaurant trying to get your head round it. The vouchers don't include alcoholic drinks which were ridiculously priced, presumably in a bid to claw back your free meal.

2) There were lots of ride closures and while I accept there is park refurbishment going on at the moment all the closures affected me and my group, which included my parents and my nieces and nephew. Both boat rides were closed at the same time (it's a small world and pirates of the caribbean) which was a little disappointing. Also the Disneyland railroad and Crush's coaster. I would also like to point out that none of these closures was promulgated when we booked our trip back in March. Had they have been I would have almost certainly chose a different time.

3) Going slightly back to point 1, far too many little bits of paper for different things. I still don't get what some of them were for.
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Closures aren't planned that far ahead unfortunately, but they try to arrange them so as to focus on off-peak times. As the parks are open 365 days a year (366 next year) and rides do need maintaining, sometimes without much notice, it is unfortunate but sometimes they just need to close a few.

Meal plan vouchers are very simple; you go in, order from the set menu, and give in the voucher. The vouchers include a free soft drink. Alcoholic beverages cost the same whether you have vouchers or not. If you find it particularly confusing, consider buying the standard meal plan instead which covers buffet restaurants, or simply don't choose a meal plan and pay for your food and drink as you go.


I was there during the same week and must say the only attraction I really missed was PotC which is my personal favourite and would have been a perfect place to shelter on the Wednesday during all that rain! This was my 13th trip to DLP and I have never seen rain like that before.  Tried really hard not to let it spoil the day but have to admit it did,  my mother and I called it quits at 3pm and returned to the Sequoia soaked to the skin.

We had a lovely hot chocolate from the bar and soon warmed up!

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