question regarding booking a room

Started by pasxalis1987, August 28, 2015, 11:49:47 PM

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I,ve noticed that if i want to book a room at DLH, the cheapest room is the classic room with 2 double beds.
However,it will be me and my wife.
Will it be acceptable if i book a room for 4 ppl just for the two of us?


Yes you can I always book a room with 2 beds. I even did it when I was on my own so every night I could choose which bed I take that night   ;D


You certainly can, I usually do that travelling by myself as well. ;D
Though I will say, the DLH did once give me a room with a single larger double bed, despite having ordered one with 2 beds. Primarily because I was alone, and the hotel was fairly busy that week. :)