13 sleeps!!!

Started by Jo68, August 28, 2015, 01:07:56 PM

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Given good news from hospital this week so we can finally really look froward to our break away.

Fingers crossed I have enough time to buy annual passports online hadn't done before as waiting for results. Who am I going to choose super trips or discount ticket store. Decided on fantasy passports 2 adults 1 3 year old.

Thinking of taking our own Disney themed birthday cake over with us in hand luggage, it won't get confiscated will it?
Do you think better to book restaurants for late afternoon/evening..

We are staying in dream castle what's the food like in there?

What's the weather usually like, it must be better than Wales? Or do I have to pack for all seasons!

Advice tips always welcome x


Give this a go for reliable (or as reliable as they get at least) predictions for the weather.
You may have to check back a bit closer to your stay.


Thanks very much
Looks like the weather here at the moment but hey Disney showers are just full of glitter and happy thoughts!?!?!?


You're welcome.
Well it's still 13 days, you know how the weather is, it could very well be lovely when you go :)
Hopefully it will be!

You can also buy annual passports at guest relations at the park btw.
(Right hand side from the normal entrance, past the entrance to the Disneyland Hotel, can't miss it, if you do, just ask a CM). You can pay there on the spot (cash or credit card, cash may be a hassle because they don't always have change). They sell you a temporary AP that allows you to go in, you then go to the bureau passeports annuels (opposite Fantasyland Royal castle stage, right from the castle, left to the main entrance to Discoveryland on Central Plaza) and get your permanent one sorted out :)

For what and what you can't take in hand luggage, it's best to check your airline rules. When I was flying to Prague earlier this month I googled for "carry on luggage Brussels Airlines" and got the rules and regulations. I imagine that if you google for the same but with the name of the airline you are flying with, you'll get the same. In any case you should be able to check with them.

Haven't stayed in the Dream Caste but if you search for it on trip advisor you should be able to find photos.

Personally I think, especially with a child in tow, it's best to try to eat on the hours you normally eat. So if you normally eat at say 6pm, just make a reservation for that, or go to a counter service at that time :)

Hope that helps.

Also check out this post for plenty more handy info :)


You can buy annual passports at the ticket booths at the park entrance and there is no problem paying cash or getting change. What you will not get is a child discount. At this stage it is taking a risk if you try to buy from a third party provider as they post out a docket to you and you may not receive it in time.

There is no problem bringing a cake in hand luggage as long as it does not have cream or any other liquids in it. You won't be able to eat it at a restaurant though as they sell birthday cakes at dinner for around €28.

Book restaurants for whenever you want — I have still to figure out my ideal eating plan for an average day.

Weather is likely to be warm, but there are no guarantees!