Birthday Tea Party

Started by lanabanana78, September 30, 2015, 09:38:09 PM

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Ive seen somewhere that you can do a birthday tea party with characters but I can't find anything about that on the website. Taking both kids to DLP for their birthdays next week and trying to figure out what to do. Yes, it's a last minute plan! First time to DLP.


Sorry in all the years we've been going I've never heard of that. But with any luck maybe someone else will correct me.


I haven't heard of a birthday party per say. But you can order birthday cakes either in hotel or restaurants, so maybe you have read about birthday at mickeys cafe where the characters go. We took our own Disney themed birthday cake over in hand luggage and I decorated the bedroom over night and set out presents and we had a lovely day in the park without all the extra expense of being Disney prices.


You can have a birthday party with the characters - I've had one myself. I had mine for my 35th birthday. It was held at The Lucky Nugget in Frontierland. I was presented with a chocolate cake big enough for 8 people and there was also a buffet but I can't remember much about what was offered. From what I can remember 5 or 6 characters turned up including Mickey and Minnie.
I have to say this was 6 years ago now so I'm not sure if this is still being offered but in all honesty I didn't think it was worth the price I paid (of course this could be because there was just me and my mother in attendance and most of my cake was wasted).
This had to be arranged in advance and I'm sorry but I can't remember what I was charged.
You could also just arrange a normal character meal and mention at the time that you are celebrating a birthday and see what happens but I would recommend you visit City Hall and make all necessary arrangements.
I wish you every success and happy birthdays.

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No where does specifi birthday tea anymore. You can order a cake at most table service and buffet restaurants if it is a "character meal venue" they will be at your table when the cake comes out but otherwise it will be the waiters who sing.. Lucky nugget used to do a cakes and pastries tea time character interaction but that stopped about 5 years ago whic is a real shame.
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Just as an FYI the 'cake' is not really a cake its just ice cream! Yes its cute but 27 euros for ice cream is ridiculous. I would defo bring one from home.
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no birthday party with the characters in 2012.  went for my 20th and had character breakfast in cafe mickey, got a special cake and goofy came round and did a funky dance and got everyone singing along.  I wore a birthday banner all day and every cast member we met and characters made it such a magical day for me!!

I am sure it will be magical for them too  :D
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