the incredibles hit the road

Started by mdw, August 13, 2015, 11:51:08 PM

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hi does anyone know what this is please? 'the incredible hit the road' will they stop for meet and greets? will violet be in it?

thanks in advance


Mr & Mrs Incredible just drive around on their segways, they don't stop.  It's nothing to be bothered with really, but guess it's nice to see if you haven't seen it before.


Thanks seems a bit odd. My daughter loves violet. Shame!


Very bizarre to showboat those characters but never have them out for meet and greets  :-\ Shame, I think a scheduled Incredibles meet and greet would prove very popular!


I agree, I would definitely check it out if there were an Incredibles meet and greet.
But this is not something I'd bother with to be honest.


Completely agree. If it was a meet and greets I was going to plan it into our. As its not we will only see it if we happen to be there at that time. Seems very odd. Is it supposed to replace stars n cars or something?


I have no idea. If that really is the replacement, I think it's a very meager one!


Has Mr Incredible stopped doing meet and greets now? Is it only ever Woody and Buzz now? That's a shame, our little one loved doing pose offs with him last year!


It is kind of a replacement I guess ...

One of the other replacements is Donald in his Stars 'n Cars outfit doing meets right after you enter the park in the corner on the right against studio 1.


During our last visit Mr. and Mrs. Incredible did stop and pose for pictures, but with only a few kids. They could stand between them as their parents took pictures.


They still doing that meet n greet circle outside playhouse disney?


I think with that circle you mean the Stars 'n Cars "parade".
No, it ended in July I believe.


Watched a video of this on YouTube (wasn't there when I visited the park in 2007). It looks very odd; for instance, why are only two of The Incredibles there? Where's Dash, Violet and Jack Jack? And why not make it into more of a parade?

There's plenty of characters in The Incredibles for a 15-20 minute Incredibles-themed parade IMO.