No Characters In Hotels.

Started by Holmey, July 08, 2015, 07:45:12 PM

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HildeKitten, we (the 3 of us) think the same as you. We never found it inspiring to stand at a queue and wait wasting time for rides. All photos with characters made on the park are a coincidence - characters walking by without any crowds.

But we appreciated them in the hotel, it was a part of the special feeling being in a Disney place with all its advantages.

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It's a small world after all


I have queued for characters before, but always when the queues were short. It's something I would do again for a character I really like, but it's definitely not my priority. I will admit I like to meet at least one character a trip, because it's a fun souvenir from the day :)
I very rarely bother with free roaming characters with a crowd, I find it way too annoying and stressful to deal with all the rude people XD
Last October I did it for Maleficent, but I'm not sure I'd repeat the experience.

That's another thing I loved about the meet and greets in hotels, all the ones I went too were very civilised, sure there were some parents that were rude in the way that they sent in their kids before their turn, especially with characters without a queue, but there was no verbal abuse, no pushing and shoving and general madness that you get in the parks. It was just so stress and hassle free to meet characters there.


Isn't this being rumoured to be coming back at Christmas 2015 to the Spring season 2016?

polar vixen

Queues during EMH last week for characters were HUGE, thankfully we had a EAC but I'd say at LEAST an hour long, every day


Were you there during the week or the weekend?

I think I'll use EMH for rides and do a few meet and greets that are on the program later in the day :)

polar vixen

we were there Monday to Monday, first two days not too bad, but after that, heaving!