Incident at the New Once Upon a Dream Parade?

Started by TowMater, April 12, 2007, 01:52:19 PM

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This happened on 1st April 2007,

The Dreams of Power float arrived at Sleeping Beauty Castle 4 minutes later and when it arrived there was NO music on, It wasen't being towed or nothing like that but I just want to know that has the float broken down or something?  :?
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Yeah it did, for quite a while!  I believe it happened the week earlier too.

Probably nothing to worry about, everything worked fine the next day.  Shame it happened on the first "official" day though.

We have a dedicated topic for dicussion of the new parade here: viewtopic.php?t=575  Feel free to post things like this in there. :wink:


The float computer probably crashed, that's why there was not music.  Anyone from EPC can confirm this?