A detailed look at Space Mountain: Mission2 by Jim Hill

Started by Kristof, November 15, 2004, 11:36:06 AM

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:arrow:  http://www.jimhillmedia.com/mb/articles ... hp?ID=1175

QuoteThe interior queue line will reflect this subtle shift in theme. The glass panelled "starway" looking into the ride will be closed in by large spot-lit photographs of comets, nebulae and galaxies.

 :cry:   Will this mean that all the glass windows will be covered, or only the "Star Way" windows, on the left side of the queing line???


I hope it does!

It never made any sense -storywise - to have a look into the mountain while standing in line. The queue is the biggest let-down for our current Mountain, so I'd love a change...

What thrills me more is the following comment:

"The idea behind the move is that, after ten years of regular "Lunar Excursions", the technology is tried and tested enough to begin launching the first exploratory expeditions into deep space."

So it seems like it's an actual sequel to the atttraction and not something completly new.

Me likes it!


I like the whole fact that it will be a continuation on from the story, but i love the queue line, it is fun to be able to look into the mountain, also is very fun to listen to all the people in the trains screaming all the time lol. :lol:


Hopefully we'll still hear the screaming, but having boards up there will help a lot with the new ride.  It won't spoil the story and they'll be able to have better effects positioned on the starway for trains going past.

I'm incredibly excited about the ride now, and AndrĂ© Lacroix has another perfect comment there with: "in a move that Lacroix promises will "complete, rather than replace" Verne's vision".  I'm sure he employs a DLRP fan to get every single comment absolutely perfect!  :lol:


Well, I'm quite happy they will keep the Jules Verne theme.  And I'm curious about the Victorian Space Station.

I can only hope those projections won't look too artificial...


i've heard a lot of different things, so ARE they going to keep the Jules Verne theming? i think it would be a mistake to remove it, i hope they keep the music too, thats so fantastic


I guess they will keep the theming.  But most rumours go that the soundtrack itself will be replaced.


nooooooooooo :( thats the best bit