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Started by penfold12, April 09, 2007, 07:14:05 PM

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I just wondered what was the level of press coverage across Europe after the press party last weekend? Unless I missed it, over here in England there seemed to be very little coverage generated from the event?


I can only assume the press coverage has been fairly huge because DLRp was absolutely swamped when we were there monday to saturday last week


I only saw a little bit on one channel over here in Holland... :(


i havent seen anything here  :ears:

shame after all the work they put into it all  :!:


I seen nothing about it.

Very annoying i was looking forward to see stuff about it.  :(
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In Portugal I saw a report in the evening news in one network. On April 1st
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I have seen two ärticles"about it on two different gossip kinda shows, but it was mostly about he dutch celebs who went to the opening
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FINALLY, on the Disney Channel in the UK. They are advertising a competition to win a family holiday to DLRP for the birthday celebrations. It's not really press coverage, more like Disney doing their own 'advertsing' in a roundabout way. :?

Needless to say, we've entered a few times :D

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same, open to under 13s (enter your kids :) ) plus tickets to an exclusive event on 13th July in which Disney studios is only open to invited guests and rides will be open!


I saw no news about the events here!
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