The weather in France

Started by HildeKitten, April 03, 2015, 07:20:41 PM

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For everyone wondering what weather it'll be during their trip.
There's a really good site called
I've used it for years and years, and so far it's been only wrong once (out of 30 or so times, so that makes it more reliable than the average weather prediction), so I am inclined to trust in it.
Now of course it's in French, but that doesn't mean it's unuseable if you don't know the language.

In the "choisir une région" dropdown menu (above the map), select "Île-de-France"
You'll get a new map, with a dropdown menu above it that reads "choisir un département".
Select "Seine-et-Marne".
Again you'll get a new map, and in the dropdown menu above that (choisir une ville), select "Chessy"
Marne la Vallée is covered under the Chessy area, so you'll be able to view the weather in the resort and surroundings :)

Or you can try to get the search to cooperate and type in Chessy directly, but I personally like to see the entire Seine-et-Marne map, because sometimes the weather can get crazy and then it's nice to see whether or not there's a place in the département that could end up transferring it's crazy weather to DLP or not :)

And of course it goes for the entirety of France, so you can look up other towns too, if you google for the regions etc, you'll be sure to be able to find the area you're visiting :)


Thank you. My holiday forecasts normally say showers, showers and more showers but I'd rather be in a wet DLPtfzn anywhere else!


You're welcome!
Well I hope that this time it'll be one of the rare cases where méteo is wrong and you get nothing but nice weather :)


Thank you looks very useful and interesting. I'm going in one of the wettest months!
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This is awesome, thanks for posting.

My phone never seems to get the weather right!
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