Meeting Characters!

Started by firsttimers15, January 29, 2015, 07:24:51 PM

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Hi all

We're off on our first trip soon, and my daughter would love to meet as many characters as possible, especially princesses! She's only 4, and we really are going for the characters and the experience rather than the rides :-)

We already have the princess lunch and breakfast at Cafe Mickey booked, but is there anything else anyone would recommend, or any tips for good places to meet characters? Any help greatly appreciated!


Hi if you are there on a sunday i have heard that the themed sunday brunch at inventions is a good way to meet characters,i haven't been myself but have it booked for sunday 15th feb and have been told the theme is prince and princesses that day also told it will be snow white and the 7 dwarfs so hopefully will be good as it is my 2 youngests first time there as well.


Check the daily guide for where/when the characters are scheduled to be. After that, a bit of luck sometimes helps - you can bump into characters in various places