Disney's Swing Into Spring Festival 2015

Started by DLPWonders (Banned), January 02, 2015, 09:23:07 PM

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DLPWonders (Banned)

The leading lady also pulled out her cutest Spring outfit!

Source: InsideDLParis
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Thanks for posting these photos. We're going on 30th March and my girls are very excited!


So what does everyone think of the two new shows for Swing Into Swing, Goofy's Garden Party and Welcome to Spring.

I'm very disappointed with Goofy's Garden party. After last year's successful Central Plaza show this is very poor in comparison. Everything good about last year they have ripped out of it and the soundtrack isn't great. I like the new song but you can't have a whole show based on that one song. It has so much potential but DLP haven't pulled it out the bag. It needs more movement and you want to see all the characters not just the ones that are in your area where you choose to stand. Hopefully if it is back next year it will be much improved!

However I adore Welcome To Spring. It's a cool show using the castle stage for what it was designed for. Yes it may be a reversion of last year's Central Plaza but ignoring that and treating it as a new show it is great. The dancers have great energy and the choreography is great. It draws you in and entertains you for that 10 minutes. It's a good set of characters to base the show on Mary Poppins and Bert.
The Let's go fly a kite sequence is sublime. A show I wish they would keep on all year round but that would be a dream.