Avengers Endgame

Started by never2old, April 25, 2019, 11:23:59 AM

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Oh my god still digesting this epic film, saw it last night.... what did you guys think?? Did it live up to your expectations?


Hi! We saw it over the weekend for the first time too and loved it!!  :)

I admit the story developed in a much different way than I expected but nonetheless it built up to an incredible final fight. I'm not great with films longer than 2 hours normally but I have to admit that Endgame wasn't slow at all and every scene was necessary (unlike some films where there is needless fluff for no real reason).

Definitely a great end to the infinity stones storyline that crossed through so many films.


I've seen it twice in three days, when it came out.
Going again this week.

I loved it!
I had read people found it boring and took a while to get really started.
But I really loved all the individual stories.
So I agree, it all felt it was necessary, and didn't feel like they were just trying to fill time.

It has very funny bits, and then other moments tears were rolling down my cheeks.

I've been watching every movie (multiple times) since Iron Man 1 came out.

I guess I felt more emotional also because it's the 'end' of that particular phase that I was part of for 10/11 years.
You really start to love the characters.

And, both times, it did not feel like 3 hours at all.
First time I looked at the time and was like 'what, 1,5 hours already??'