Imagineer Nigel Bratcher Talks Disneyland Park

Started by CafeFantasia, June 28, 2011, 05:38:46 PM

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I'd never seen these videos before. There are six of them featuring Imagineer Nigel Bratcher talking about the attractions at Disneyland Park. It's quite educational. I don't know when they were shot, but it might be 2007:


Thanks for the links. I've only watched the beginning of the first video, the rest will follow later. If I'm not mistaken, Nigel was also part of the Travel Channel documentation about Disneyland Paris. There he talked about increasing the ride capacity of Indy and about the vehicles going backwards. That was one of the best DLP docus I've ever seen.


Thanks for posting videos, very interesting particularly the points he made about Pirates of the Caribbean which I agree with.
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Yes, in video EBC - DLP07_22 Nigel talks about the three Disneyland parks around the World that have had added some of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, back into the attractions.

Ironically, he is standing in Disneyland Paris talking about these additions, but makes no hint or suggestion about bringing these changes TO Disneyland Paris.


And the Snow White ride in video  EBC DLP07-21. The Disney company must have applied the same logic to the Buzz Lightyear attraction. He doesn't fit with Jules Verne but I can see why Disney wanted to do it.
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The song helps to keep the atmosphere alive...So why adding the soundtrack of the movies to the Pirates? I really hate this update, hopefully they will spare us in Paris and do not replace the good old "Yo,ho a pirates life for me" in nearly the whole ride like in the other parks...
Jack Sparrow added to POTC is bad enough  :(
And btw, he claims that the story isn't changed, is this really true? Is it not all about searching Jack Sparrow now?
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Links  are gone, does anybody know where to find these videos with Nigel?