Phantom Manor - Get the Music from the Ride!

Started by DisneyManiac, September 02, 2014, 06:44:28 PM

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The has a tribute of Phantom Manor, with many Audio Files including the original English Dialogue by Vincent Price!

Grab the link and watch nostalgia flood back!


That's really good. Just been on the site and listened to them. They really should alternate the French/English speaking. I've been on this ride way too any times to count as Phantom manor is one of my fav rides, along with PoTC but because I don't speak French I've never known what was being said. It's brilliant to actually hear it now. Thanks for giving us the link!! Louise x

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Well I think to be trueful, the French dialogue slightly varies to the English dialogue. The Ravenswood Manor Site has a walkthrough and translates the French dialogue.