Swimming pool at Davy Crocket

Started by Kirby, August 20, 2014, 05:40:25 PM

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Does anyone know if there are any rules regarding what men wear in the swimming pool at Davy Crocket.  At lots of campsites in France men cannot wear swimming cotton shorts etc they have to wear the speedo type shorts just wondered if if the same at Eurodisney.

polar vixen

Nope no such rules in aware of n we've been four times, my hubby wouldn't have set foot in pool if that were the case! Have a great time, the pool is fab


Thanks polar vixen will pass that info on to son in law as he would not have been in the pool if speedos were the rule.


There are long-trunk speedos too, which are generally allowed as well in most pools. ;)


I asked the same question earlier this year about the pool at the Sequoia Lodge. Apparently the speedo rule only applies to municipally owned pools in France, the Disney pools are privately owned so the rule doesn't apply.

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My husband was horrified when I broke the news of the Speedos prior to a trip to France a couple of years ago. But, he was appeased by the fact that speedo do long trunks which are similar to cycle shorts. If he'd had to wear those tiny speedos, he'd have cancelled the holiday!