Autopia meets PIXAR?

Started by experiment627, October 25, 2004, 08:08:53 PM

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From Monday's Jim Hill update:

Given that they had visions of this witty, pretty Pixar-ified version of "Autopia" opening at Hong Kong Disneyland as part of that project's "Phase II." More importantly, that this Tomorrowland attraction would so quickly become a hit with HKDL visitors that Disney Company management would have no choice but to bring this "Cars" themed overlay stateside ASAP. With Disneyland Paris & Tokyo Disneyland's "Autopias" getting their very own "Cars" overlays in the not-so-distant future.

An "Autopia" based on PIXAR's upcoming "Cars"...? Your thoughts?


Hey why not!  Buzz in le Visionarium, Cars-overlay at Autopia... What's next???  Finding Nemo walkthrough at Nautilus??  :wink:


While I grow fonder and fonder of Buzz moving into Visionarium (yeah, I'm actually getting excited about this!!!), I can't stand the thought of this Autopia idea.

Would it fit into the land? Can't say. But I still *hate* it. Maybe it's because I just *HATE* Autopia. I hate its sound and I hate its smell.
They should replace it with something more usefull.... Like restrooms, a popcorn stand or yet another pin cart... something like this...


I have to admit I'd actually quite like to see Buzz in Discoveryland now, though I actually think the ride would be good in a new building on the current Autopia site.  There's a huge amount of space there, and the fact that the ground is sunken would mean that they could also build a new (much improved, less tacky) Pizza Planet in quite a small space.

What i dislike about Discoveryland compared to, say, DLR's Tomorrowland is that our land feels very spaced out and quite empty - DLR's land is much more built up, and when they had things like the Peoplemover it had a wonderful, lively feel to it which is really what Discoveryland is missing.  Building some new attractions in buildings with a similar style to Visionarium/Videopolis/Space Mountain on the Autopia site with various new attractions/boutiques/restaurants in them would make the land possibly the best in the park, and help to make it feel much more built up and exciting, just like it should do.

How they'd get the money for that aswell as adding new things to WDS i don't know, but I can dream!  And as for Visionarium, an exhibit on the Visionaries such as Jules Verne and a nicely themed restaurant would do nicely!  The exhibit is important, because without it there's practically nothing of the Visionaries in the land - it's like Adventureland without pirates!  :(


I'm not sure that too many new rides would do much good to Discoveryland. This part of the park has already A LOT of ride capacity at one spot. (Space, Star Tours, HISTA, Videopolis...). Another high profile ride (which might come eventually) could make Discoveryland extremely crowded...

I also don't think that an exhibit would be the best thing to put into Visionarium. Let's face it: if people didn't visit an actual attraction about visionaries, why would they visit an exhibit at the very same place?

No, a ride like Buzz Lightyear would probably be the best thing to put into that building - and might create a lot more interest than our dear but late Timekeeper.
So yes, I'm waiting for the Little Green Men to move into that building!