"Frozen" Toys

Started by Andybear, August 02, 2014, 07:21:23 PM

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Do any of the DLP shops sell "Frozen" toys?  I really want to get a plush Sven - I think he's adorable  :D   I can order one from the Disney Store online if they don't but I'd rather get one there, use my holiday money to buy him.  Ta.


They did in May, not sure if they have any stock left now though...  :-\


That's the one, thank you  :D  I'm going there next month so will see if there are any then; if not then I'll order one from the DS online when I get home. 


I went in January and it was bizarre, because not a single shop on property had either Sven or Olaf. Given that the movie had only come out like a month earlier I was really confused, not to mention disappointed because my friend and I had both been planning to get one of them! I'm glad to hear that they've appeared now.


I've been at Dlp last week. No Sven plushs anywhere. A lot of Olafs though. But Frozen merch is selling well, so there's always hope for new delivery!


Greats, thanks Esmeralda  ;)


Thanks Esmeralda.  I'm going on 14th September so I'll cross my fingers!  I'll get an Olaf though too :-)


Seen as Frozen is still a popular film, I guess they'll still sell some :)