Breakfast boxes

Started by Kirby, August 16, 2014, 07:26:38 PM

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Does anyone know if you are allowed to take the breakfast boxes from Davy Crocket Ranch on the meal plan into the resort as some friends are intending to pick them up and drive to the resort as their children usually don't eat until they have been up a couple of hours.

captain rocket

You can take food into the parks, so this would be ok.


Tell your friends to take a picnic knife then as most items are spreadable eg jam, butter, Nutella etc. A flask of hot water would be handy too as you get tea, coffee, hot choc too.

captain rocket

You may get a problem with taking a knife through the security check!

polar vixen

I think plastic cutlery will be fine, just not as pocket knife or vegetable knife


A picnic knife... What are they at risk of doing? Spreading someone to death!  ;)


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