Why is the Parisian Transportation System just a bus system?

Started by Riebi, August 07, 2014, 10:11:58 AM

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If you look close around lake Disney you can see them:

Ferryboats landings in front of every hotel "by the sea". Unused since, well 1993?

The only way to the parks is a bus trip or a walk.

Walt Disney World has boat, bus, monorail,...transportation possibilities. Well, WDW is a big area, they really need it.

But: Even the small Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has a Monorail to get guests just some meters from the resort area to the parks. They have little trains and more.

Should DLP get's a real Disney Transportation Network or is this just a waste of money?
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I'm fine with walking around the resort. Now, if a third park was built, perhaps it'd be a good idea to invest on a Transportation Network. But even if they didn't, everything's in close proximity to the hotels so it's not tiring to hop from one place to another.


I'm thinking that since DLP isn't that big (yet), it basically isn't need for any bigger system.
Everything is so close, that it probably would take more time to board a for example a monorail, rather than walk or take the bus. I've heard people over at wdwmagic.com talking about monorails, in regards to expanding the existing one at WDW, and monorail are apparently so expensive, that it is not gonna happen, even at WDW.
When DLP gets more parks, then I can see that they maybe need it.
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I like the walk - to me it's part of the holiday as you see such lovely things and it's not as if you have to walk miles - everything is close by.  So it's a no for a transportation system for me.


To the OP: those constructions are not ferryboat landings, but tramstops. The original way of transportation was by Mini trains and currently still one operates around Lake Disney. It also ran to the large circle at the end of the walkway to Cheyenne, where there is a bridge to walk to Santa Fe and where the train could turn around. The current bus system was added years later. And even they only bring you to the train station and not to the gate. The bus to Davy Crocket was cancelled years ago. Obviously not enough people used it.
Even the furthest hotel (Cheyenne) is only a 15-20 minutes walk. Completely incomparable to the distances in WDW. So there is just no real need for an extensive transport system and indeed a Monorail system is just cost prohibited, even though I really don't understand why this should be so extremely costly compared to something like a railroad.


By the way, am I the only one who finds the Monorail ugly? I would hate strolling around Fantasyland and see it passing above me!


So is this an american / european thing?

I personally love the walk to the park. But if you compare the californian disneyland with paris you see, the walking distances over there are less. 

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It could be... I hope I don't offend anyone, but most Americans are too 'lazy' to walk.


I too enjoy the walk from the hotels to the park to be honest. :) But currently it's not too much of a distance to cover.


Like most people here, I have absolutely no problem walking around the area as it isn't that big. If it's very cold/raining or if I feel too tired to walk, the busses are a nice way to get to the hotel. I don't need any other form of transportation.  :)
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On my first visit to the parks a few years back, I actually had a really hard time getting my head around how many people take a bus from SL or NBC. Even the tiny train around the lake seemed totally pointless. So the idea of a monorail seems totally ridiculous to me.
For the hotels around the lake, If you stroll at a relaxed pace from the hotel reception to park entrance it shouldn't take much longer than 15 minutes. Only reason I would ever consider the bus for that distance would be horrible weather or actual physical limitations (injuries, handicaps...)

I'd choose a short walk over waiting for a cramped bus ride any day ;-)