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Started by, August 03, 2014, 12:03:43 PM

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Hi guys!

As many of you might know I always take thousands of photos when in Disney, so I recently got the idea to gather the best of these photos on one site. This finally became a reality this Friday when I launched :-)

Currently the site has a total of 599 DLP photos in its albums and it also includes a blog as well as my own Disneyland Paris story. I would love if you guys would give it a look and leave some feedback either here, through the contact form or on Twitter! Thanks :-)

Best regards,

Please visit my DLP website:

[size=150]Trip report from August 2014[/size]


I'm going to check it our right now.


Wonderful layout, breathtaking pictures and I loved reading your Disneyland story! I especially enjoyed the pics of yourself from 1994 to today! I can't wait to see new images added from your upcoming trip!  :D


Very nice site! I had a look at it a couple a days ago, and you have done a great job with it.
4 trips to DLP, 3 to WDW, 1 to Disneyland California