Forbes report "The Secrets Behind Disney's $2.2 Billion Theme Park Profits"

Started by SGregory27, July 15, 2014, 01:22:47 PM

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I sort of knew this but only in bits and pieces, the article pulls everything together very well.
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I must be reading the contract extracts incorrectly, because I thought DLP had to pay TWDC each time they have different characters (therefore they don't bother) but the way I read this it seems to suggest that they pay a %age of the take each year, not linked to which characters they have.

But if that were the case, surely they'd have loads of different characters all the time - of course, the ones they have are great, but we have met them a million times and new ones would make trips to DLP even more appealing.
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I'm assuming they have a blanket license deal for the broad Disney IP use in the park, but they may still need to license individual costumes for the CMs, something that could get pretty costly I imagine if you refreshed regularly. :)